Jerome Family Genealogy

Jerome English: ostensibly from the medieval given name of the same spelling (OF JÚr˛me, from Gk Hieronymos, composed of the elements hieros sacred + onyma name), which achieved some popularity in France and elsewhere, being given in honor of St Jerome (?347-420), who created the Vulgate, the standard L version of the Bible, working partly from earlier L texts and partly from the original Hebr., Aramic, and Gk. However, this was a rather rare given name in England in the Middle Ages; the comparative frequency of the surname is explained by the fact that it has also absorbed a Norman personal name, Gerram, composed of the Gmc elements geri, gari spear + hraban raven.
Vars.: Jerrom(e), Jerram, Gerram, Jerran, Jaram.
Cogns.: Fr.: JÚr˛me, GÚr˛me, Girome, Giraume; Hieronimus (learned form); Onimus (aphetic var.). It.: Geronimi (learned); Girolami (popular). Sp., Port.: Jeronimo. Ger.: Hieronymus, Kronymus, Ronymus, Onimus, Ohnemus. Flem., Du.: Geeroom. Chech: Jarolim.
Dims.: Ger.: Grom(me)s, Grummes, Grolms, Grulms. Chech: JarolÝmek.
Patrs.: Eng.: Jer(r)om(e)s, Jerrams, Jerrans. Flem.: Geerooms; Rooms.

- From the Oxford Genealogy of Names.

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